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Singular MDS Heat Sealer

The patented MDS Blister Pack Heat Sealer by Singular Products Ltd is the market leader in compact tabletop heat sealers for pharmacies, care homes and hospitals. The MDS Heat Sealer can be made for any blister packaging, Patient Packs and Monitored Dosage Systems including brands such as MDose, Manrex, MTS, Venalink as well as Compliapack and the RX System.

Our customers value the Singular Patient Pack Heat Sealer because:

  • it’s compact, lightweight and portable….can be stored easily when you need the workspace
  • the MDS heat sealer is a workhorse capable of sustained continued use at precisely controlled temperatures … you get an industrial quality machine with the latest in precision heating technology
  • the MDS heat sealer technology powers up fast and is only on when actively sealing… this makes it safer in busy dispensing areas as the machine is not hot when unattended

Our heating technology ensures the Singular heats only around the pockets sealing at 150°C but keeping the pocket itself at a safe 29°C. Safe for medicines while achieving an impermeable seal every time.

Automatic shut off is a further feature of the patient pack heat sealer when the required sealing time is achieved. This protects the medicine from heat transfer.

…the Impulse Heat Sealer works for you while protecting the medication for your patients, clients and customers.

The Singular Compliance Pack Heat Sealer also offers unparalleled options to scale the system according to your needs:

  • low ownership costs means it is possible to add additional units quickly and easily helping you to replace old technology as you need to and scale in line with your customer demand
  • It’s compact…our customers tell us worktop space is at a premium so we have engineered the Compliance Pack Heat Sealer to be as small as possible. If your peak productivity demands it you can now keep multiple machines storing them easily when not in use.

“Simplicity of design and our patented heating technology delivers a premium quality heat sealer at a low cost of ownership”

Exciting News! New Products!

DISINFECTANT Facemask (Patent pending 2008596.5)

NEW: Disposable non-woven fabric mask with locked in insert of disinfectant cloth. Fabric mask keeps disinfectant away from skin. Insert is dry and activated by moisture in your breath.

50 disposable face masks complete with disinfectant insert.
£24.00 incl p&p, VAT UK.

The only face mask you will ever want!

Kills 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses including E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria,
P.Aeruginosa, MRSA, H1N1 (Influenza A), HIV and Hepatitis B-C. Being tested
currently against Covid 19 and expected to be effective, as it is against H1N1.
Keep disinfectant insert away from eyes.
Singular Products Ltd
LE65 2TA

  • Designed for MDS use
  • Low maintenance Patient Pack heat sealer
  • Fully automatic Compliance Pack Sealer
  • Economical

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