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Heat Sealers for ALL MDS Systems

The Sealer takes around half a minute to seal ( it saves power by heating up each time switched on), so an adjustment to loading operations is required.

Since the Sealer turns itself off automatically and doesn’t have to be watched most customers  use the time to prepare other packs. This does require some alteration to procedures which are best planned in advance.

Benefits and advantages:

  • Operator friendly. No adjustable parts, dials or instruments
  • Pre-set for each MDS System
  • Self-contained, No separate Bat (Platen) or foam Rubber mat required
  • No initial wait for machine to heat up
  • Only heats when closed and sealing
  • Switches off automatically, so packs can’t be over-cooked
  • Sealing time is available for productive work such as pack filling another machine
  • Seals around pockets not over them. No danger of overheating medication
  • Labour cost less than with all other current heat sealing systems (including powered sealers). See comparison Chart below.
  • Machines available for all current MDS Systems- Manrex, MTS Medication Technologies, Venalink.
  • Two-up machine.

Other pack formats utilising the same technology available to order.

Singular Products Ltd Heat Sealer – Comparison Chart

Fill & seal card / Foil MDS Blister Packs – Labour cost

Time in seconds

Action Flat Bed 2 UP Powered 2 UP Singular Silver 2 UP
Place blister & card into platten / m/c 10 10 10
Add medication 60 60 60
Complete packs (fold) 2 2 2
Insert platten into m/c 3 3
Sealing operation 10 4 22
Extract, rub & remove 6 6 6
Total Operation Time 91 85 100
Average time for 1st pack(s) – ALL PRE-HEATED PER PACK 45.5 42.5 50

TIme in minutes/seconds for 20 packs

Action Flat Bed 2 UP Powered 2 UP Singular Silver 2 UP
Manual labour/utilising sealing time productively filling next pack 15.10 14.10 13.19
  • Designed for MDS use
  • Low maintenance Patient Pack heat sealer
  • Fully automatic Compliance Pack Sealer
  • Economical

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