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MDS is simply an acronym for Monitored Dosage Systems. This system helps simplify the administration of solid oral medications and is particularly useful in situations where patients require multiple medicines at different times of the day for an extended period of time. For this reason the use of Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS) is popular in long term care facilities. The biggest success for MDS is when people who most need it, such as the frail, elderly and disabled, are able to remain independent in their own home rather than be moved to an institution.

While MDS has become the standard term in the UK to describe the process and packaging of medications for long term care patients, a variety of other terms are prevalent too.

The most common ones are as follows:

  • Patient Packs/Cards (UK)
  • Blister Packs/Cards
  • Unit Dose Packaging (US)
  • Punch Cards (US)
  • Bingo Cards (US)
  • Compliance Aids
  • Multi-Compartment Compliance Aid / MCA

MDS helps to simplify administration of patient medication as well as the process of administering medicines to patients. In addition it allows carers and in some cases patients themselves to take control of their own complex medical regimes.

The most popular systems operate on a 7 day or monthly cycles (28 days or 31 days are available) and usually contain medicines in coloured cards that are specific to a certain time of day. In this way the patient and carer knows that the yellow pack is for medication to be taken in the morning , the blue for the afternoon and the green the evening.

MDS systems are easy to implement and most require minimal equipment. Cold Seal packs where a manually closed sticker is used to seal the blisters require only the cold seal pack. The compromise here is in the permeability of the seal. Medication can only be stored for very short periods in this type of pack and they are only suitable for a subset of medication that can be dispensed in an MDS. Due to the higher cost of cold seal packs (compared to heat seal packs) this method is generally only used for very low volumes.

Heat sealed MDS packs provide a significantly longer shelf life in (in the region of 8 weeks for most medicines suitable for use in an MDS). In addition to the MDS packs a heat sealer is required to seal the packs. This is where our MDS heat sealer comes in to play.

  • Designed for MDS use
  • Low maintenance Patient Pack heat sealer
  • Fully automatic Compliance Pack Sealer
  • Economical

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